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Bugün yolda gelirken AYNA’dan çayımın şekerini dinledim. Youtube’da 2002 yazıyordu. Aldığım nadir albümlerden biridir bu albüm. 2002’deki gibi kalsaydı keşke herşey. Elimizde kalanlara bakıyorum, ne kaldı ki geriye? Başta ben olmak şartıyla vefasızlık, acı, kargaşa. Çok güldük demek biraz da ağlayalım.

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1- How to change the pin configuration of a IP core in EDK :

MPD files :

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The packages which should be used is “sound converter” and “gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad-multiverse”
For your interest detailed studies are located at :


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Recently I am trying to use Xubuntu on my low-end laptop. There is a problem, obviously, for VNC connections.
Here are some related web-pages. I am trying to find a startup script for x11vnc now.

Then I mixed the findings from and then created  X11VNC.desktop at home/.config/autostart the contents of the desktop file is (Autostart is a wrong directory name the correct one will be autostart)

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=x11vnc -forever -usepw -httpport 5900

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comes from

ffmpeg -ss 00:00:30.0 -t 00:00:10.0 -i input.wmv -acodec copy -vcodec copy -async 1 output.wmv

that is
-ss : start time
-t : duration after the start

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Hi, a few weeks ago I received the wi-fi receiver that I bought from ebay, which has a rt 5370 chipset. The receiver is plug-n-use (it has drivers in the kernel) in ubuntu 12.04 but my desktop could not recognize it. So here is how to install the drivers for it.

Warning : in case of a site crash keep your drivers folder in a safe place, because when you upgrade the kernel version you will need to recompile all of the driver files.

I used the steps in ubuntu forums located at here. However I was not successful at all. Then I tried to follow the steps in the installation readme file. I think the key point is :

$cp RT2870STA.dat  /etc/Wireless/RT2870STA/RT2870STA.dat

See you.

*100# : Servis menuleri

*123# : Kalan kontoru gosterir

*100# : Telefon numrasını gösterir

##002# : Ayarlara reset atar

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A good dya for me. I installed ubuntu 12.04 to my brand new laptop and afterwards I see that my ubuntu was booting into black screen. It is a dual boot with Win7. What I did many times is (in mixed order)

– Did a boot-repair

– Update initramfs

– Removed all nvidia packages

– Edit the boot option for “nomodeset”

– Edit the boot option for “no splash”

– Make a fresh reinstall, with internet off.

…. and many more none of them worked.

SOLUTION : I unplugged the receiver of my Logitech wireless mouse from the USB connector. It sounds weird but it works, at least for me.

Please kindly tell your comments.

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