# gsmfast.net is it trustworthy? Unlock your iPhone iPhone 4S

iPhone @ 03 May 2012

of course NOT. gsmfast.net is nothing but only SCAM. I already paid 125$ to them. At the beginning they respond well but after you pay they give no answers to your questions. Shafferan Allie and E….o S……g are the people I know among them. their e-mail addresses are gsmlocks@gmail.com gsmfastez@ymail.com e………..g@mac.com. Stay away from them. Spread this writing to people who you love. If you try to do this kind of job want a good testimonial from them. They can only say: “you can see our reputation on yahoo answers”. I started to comment their answers as FLOODING on answers.yahoo.com. You can do too. I will include their questions and answers here too.

The good side is I put a dispute on Paypal and got my money back.

Note : In the comments there is someone who claims that he is one of the people among them (E….o S…..g) and he makes a point in the discussion

Note 2 : I see that this post is a hot topic for unlockers. I do not understand why these thieves are the most popular result on google.com. They steal but they are popular. Please read my other post about officialiphoneunlock.co.uk and DO NOT FORGET : want a good testimonial from the people you work with! Thanks

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12 Responses to “gsmfast.net is it trustworthy? Unlock your iPhone iPhone 4S”

  1. mike Says:

    i got my iphone unlocked from http://www.gsmfast.net without problems.So something must have went wrong on your end.The mere fact you got your refund you shouldnt have even written anything here.

  2. james smith Says:

    Unlocked my iphone 4s under contract from at&t within 3 hours for just 99usd 🙂 great deal.

  3. tyrone taylor Says:

    I just searched gsmfast and read this.Where in the world did you get this from? i bought from gsmfast and i was very happy with my sale. I got my att nokia lumia 900 unlocked and my iphone 4 unlocked within just a few days.I hate when people talk about others like this.I and many other people i know are happy customers from that site.

  4. eneserdin Says:

    I keep your comment for showing people who the hell you are. Recently I got too many comments from you gsmfast spammers. If you are a real person unfortunately, people like you are so badly mentally ill. Why do you follow the comments on the web for such organizations even after you are finished with that? Moreover, you are so annoyed as if you are the owner of the provider. I hate people like you. If I am lying then the other 25 people in my mailing list are lying too when they said gsmfast did not do anything to their phones. Go and get a life!

  5. tyrone taylor Says:

    No i am not a stupid spam.i am a human being with experiences that i wish to speak out about .I bought unlock service for an iphone 4 from at&t after and i was also a happy customer.So you who are talking about being a responsible owner should be responsible before accusing someone.You should have necessary tools to see if im a spammer or not.But you dont know what you are talking about.I am genuine and happy maybe others had a bad time but i know i got though fine and im sure many others did also.Have a nice day.

  6. eneserdin Says:

    A spammer is not necessarily a computer, so you have still have the possibility for being a spammer. For example, by setting up a reminder I have the conscious to send you stupid messages every day at noon, don’t I? So, I will be a spammer for you that time. I still keep your comment, wishing that you were responding as fast as you are now. I do not accuse people so easily but taking 125 bucks and giving no answers to at least 10 e-mails is not a trustworthy way of doing a job. Moreover, asking my imei number 3 times also shows how amateur they are. Well, I can erase this writing if they can show me that they really are doing this. Here is a favor for you gsmfast crew.

  7. karen d'Almeida Says:

    I have just experienced exactly the same problem with gsmfast.net with Shafferan Allie. He answered my email but has not been answering after he got the money. They are frauds so beware. Trying to get my money back from paypal.

  8. Alekz Anderson Says:

    Same issue here, they took 30bucks and they never unlock my Nokia Lumia. they answer the first day but after that no response what so ever. They are even online but they dont answer. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.

  9. Alekz Anderson Says:

    gsmfast.net is fraud, period. Not sure how in the world they are allowed to be on the web and nobody does shit abt it. They took money from me and refuse to refund or respond…

  10. E....o S.....g Says:

    I agree, he and his website are a scam. I worked with him at that time but he ended up scamming me. I received all the payments on my paypal and forwarded money to his supplier. As soon as people started complaining that they did not receive their unlocks, I got worried, he assured me that its taking little longer but he will provide all the unlocks and he said half of the people already got them. And thats when he started to cutting down on communication until I was not able to reach him at all. I had to pay out of my own pocket 2500 dollars to refund all the money in paypal. I knew him as Tariq but now I have found out that he uses different names everywhere so I dont even know his real name, only thing I know is that he lives in Georgetown, Guyana.
    I would be thankful if my name and email could be removed from this blog, I dont think its appropriate to label me as a scammer since I was scammed. Anyways, it was a good lesson learned the hard way and I will never see my money :S

  11. henry marks Says:

    i got my iphone unlocked there without issues.I think paypal was the issue i showed them this blog and they said paypal froze the money and they asked customers to make claim and most if not all were refunded.

  12. lay man Says:

    His real name is anthonysnow from Guyana ..u see Guyana dont use it

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