# iCloud Lock removal service

iPhone @ 20 January 2017

Hi, guys. In this entry I will try to tell about my experience with iCloud lock removal process service offered by many different companies. My experience was with officialiphoneunlock.co.uk/ iphoneimei.net

I submitted my IMEI and waited for almost 4 days. The result is NOT ABLE TO DO THAT due to the phone is marked as lost/stolen.

They also have another website checking if your iPhone is lost/stolen. Guess what any IMEI you write there seems to be clean. But after you get the service and it is said that your phone is not unlockable, BAM, IMEI checking site changes it from OK to NOT OK.

Long story in short, this seems to be SCAM. However, they say that “we already state this in our USER AGREEMENT form that an iPhone marked as lost/stolen cannot be unlocked”.

This is a good experience for me and I wish you also use this experience.

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