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iPhone @ 02 September 2012

Although I have flu, today is one of the good days for me. I unlocked my iPhone 4S today (AT&T USA). I used the service provided by officialiphoneunlock.co.uk. To be honest, since they are not using a secure payment method like paypal, at first, I was a little bit afraid. However, I thought, using that phone freely was worth a try. Yesterday night I got an e-mail from them stating that my phone was unlocked. 🙂

To inform you, I didn’t do any “connect to itunes” process. Suddenly I saw the AVEA logo when I inserted the sim card. Before doing that, by the thought of having to make a restore process, I was downloading the latest firmware. I did’nt understand why that happened in that way but, who cares? it is unlocked. :))

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  1. furkan Says:

    Çok bilgilendirici bir yazı olmuş, az kalsın gsmfast’a kaptıracaktım paraları 🙂 Şimdi bu siteden haber bekliyorum bakalım.

  2. eneserdin Says:

    Kolay gelsin, gsmfast gerçekten kandırıyor ama nedense google aramalarında da hep bir numarada. officialiphoneunlock.co.uk ise jailbreak-me.info tarafından tavsiye edilen bir site. Açıkçası ben orayı kullandım ve rahatım.

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