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After reading a discussion for opensuse I did the following.

Tools -> Preferences -> Proxy -> No proxy

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In the past I installed Ubuntu on my wife’s netbook and she was really using it nice. However when she started working she had to switch to the Windows 7 OS in order to use some software in her work place. Then it comes that her laptop can not see my shared files on my Ubuntu PC and notebook. I tried so many things but Win 7 starter really sucks. What I did is taken from the wiki of samba.

run -> regedit

go to


then add (or change if exists in mine they were absent)

DomainCompatibilityMode = 1
DNSNameResolutionRequired = 0

as double word.
Now I can see my samba shares when I go to \\ (not the name of my PC)
Hope that helps. will be helpful

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I am a fan of notepad++ when I am using Windows at work. Staying away from the discussion of which is better I try to stick to gedit in my Ubuntu. Here are some plugins I use in my gedit.

– Smart Highlighting. You can find it at

– Embedded Terminal

– File browser pane

– Split view

– Advanced find/replace plugin for gedit. found at

– Modelines

– Snippets

– clickconfig

You will find useful. Also visit

Linux @ 28 April 2012, Comments Off on My first experiences with Ubuntu 12.04

I recently upgraded to Precise on my Laptop and my first experience was not so good. X session couldn’t started and I tried to find solutions for it. Firstly I chrooted on my ubuntu with a live USB. Then I realized that although xsession was not starting my wi-fi connection was available so with a hit at Ctrl+Alt+F1 I fell down to the terminal screen. I updated-upgraded my ubuntu but that was aslo not a solution. Then I found some command-line scripts from Ask-Ubuntu. When you type

sudo killall xsession

All desktop managers are disabled and you are forwarded to the login screen. Before I had installed gnome-fallback with

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

From the login screen I chose Ubuntu-2D. My problem is that usual Ubuntu session is not working

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use the command mkisofs as:

mkisofs -o /tmp/cd.iso /tmp/directory/

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I used the info supplied by Felipe Xavier, A.K.A. FXtrEm

CUE/BIN to ISO: Open a terminal, go to the folder that the CUE/BIN file is located and type:

bchunk filename.bin filename.cue filename.iso

NRG to ISO: Open a terminal, go to the folder that the NRG file is located and type:

nrg2iso filename.nrg filename.iso

: Open a terminal, go to the folder that the IMG file is located and type:

ccd2iso filename.img filename.iso

MDF to ISO: Open a terminal, go to the folder that the MDF file is located and type:

mdf2iso filename.mdf filename.iso

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Nautilus scripts are really making use of Gnome easier. When I am away from my scripts I feel alone :). Do not forget to mark the files as executable.

  • ToMp3 Script : For this script install pacpl
pacpl --to mp3 "$*"
  • Edit with Gedit
gedit "$*"
  • Open as ROOT
gksudo "gnome-open $uri" &
  • Send with Thunderbird
# attach multiple files
#thunderbird -compose "attachment='file:////home/will/newfile,file:////home/will/newfile2'"
#-compose subject=Emailing %m,attachment=%u
if [ $* = "" ] ;then echo "no files given" ; exit 1 ;fi &>/dev/null
Y=`echo file://$* | sed 's/ \//,file:\/\/\//g' | sed 's/ /^^/g'` #this sed replaces all spaces with a ^^.
X=`echo $Y | sed 's/\^^/ /g'` #this sed replaces all ^^'s with a space
Z=`echo $Y | sed 's/,file:\/\// /g'`
ii=1 #that sed (below)replaces all ^^'s with a space
BODY=$(for file in $Z ;do C=`basename "$(echo $file | sed 's/\^^/ /g')"` ; echo ; echo -n "$ii) $C" ; ii=$(($ii+1)) ; done)
thunderbird -compose "attachment='$X'",body="P.S. - Attached Files: $BODY",subject="attached files"
  • Mount (.iso files). As a side note “open with archive mounter” option is a better choice
# nautilus-mount-iso
gksudo -u root -k /bin/echo "got r00t?"
sudo mkdir /media/"$*"
if sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 "$*" /media/"$*"
        if zenity --question --title "ISO Mounter" --text "$* Successfully Mounted.
        Open Volume?"
                nautilus /media/"$*" --no-desktop
        exit 0
        sudo rmdir /media/"$*"
        zenity --error --title "ISO Mounter" --text "Cannot mount $*!"
        exit 1
  • Unmount (.iso files)
for I in "$*"
foo=`gksudo -u root -k -m "enter your password for root terminal
access" /bin/echo "got r00t?"`
sudo umount "$I" && zenity --info --text "Successfully unmounted /media/$I/" && sudo rmdir "/media/$I/"
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sometimes in the past I found a starter for ISE, but what is the use of it I can not remember

export DISPLAY=":0"
export PRINTER="lj4l"
export LC_ALL=
export LANG=
export LANGUAGE=
export LD_PRELOAD="/home/eneserdin/Xilinx92i/bin/lin/"
source /home/eneserdin/Xilinx92i/
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I am using a gevey sim for my iPhone and today I upgraded to iOS 501 when I did the upgrade at every turning on of the device an SMS was going from my phone to USA the. I realized that I did not do the activation and problem solved

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